Exim Bank. Export-Import Bank of India

Buyer's Credit

Overseas buyers/importers can avail this facility for import of eligible goods and services from India on deferred payment terms. The facility enables exporters/contractors to expand abroad and into non-traditional markets. It also enables exporters/contractors to be competitive when bidding or negotiating for overseas jobs.

Benefits to Foreign Customers
  • Enables overseas buyers to obtain medium-and long-term financing
  • Competitive interest rate against host country's high cost of borrowing;

Buyer's Credit is extended to a foreign project company that intends to award the project execution to an Indian project exporter. The financing will be available to all kinds of projects and service exports from India.

Facility is available for development, upgrading or expansion of infrastructure facilities; financing of public or private projects such a plants and buildings; professional services such as surveyors, architecture, consultations, etc.

Details about the Programme
BC under NEIA

Buyer's Credit under NEIA is a unique mechanism for promoting India's project exports to traditional as well as new markets in developing countries, which need deferred credit on medium or long term basis. Under this facility, Exim Bank facilitates project exports from India by way of extending credit to overseas sovereign governments and government owned entities for import of Indian goods and services from India on deferred credit terms. Exim Bank will obtain credit insurance cover under NEIA through ECGC. NEIA is a trust set up by the Ministry of Commerce and administered by Export Credit & Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC).Facility is available for project exports requiring medium or long term deferred credit.


Exim Bank extends the credit directly to overseas buyer of projects from India without recourse to Indian exporter. Borrower should be overseas sovereign governments or government owned entities. Amount of Loan should generally not be more than 85% of the contract value. Sovereign guarantee is needed where the borrower is other than the foreign government. Guarantee from Central Bank of borrower, as applicable. Any other security as may be stipulated on a case-to-case basis.

Details about the Programme