With a view to encourage and stimulate advanced economic research in international economics, trade, development, and related financing at universities and academic institutions in India and abroad, the Export-Import Bank of India has instituted two international awards viz. the International Economic Research Annual (IERA) Award and the BRICS Economic Research Annual Award (BRICS Award). These initiatives represent the Bank’s ongoing efforts at promoting economic research and analysis, thereby contributing to policy formulation.

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Announcement of the winner of India Exim Bank International Economic Research Annual (IERA) Award 2021, Dr. Kanika Pathania, by Ms. Harsha Bangari, Managing Director, India Exim Bank at the Award Webinar organized by India Exim Bank on October 06, 2022.


Export-Import Bank of India (India Exim Bank) promotes India’s international trade. India Exim Bank has instituted an annual Award for research in international economics, trade,development, and related financing. The objective of this Award is to promote research in international economics, trade,development and related financing by Indian nationals at universities and academic institutions in India and abroad. The Award consists of prize money of Indian RupeesThree Hundred and Fifty Thousand (Rs.3.5 Lakh) and a Citation. The Award was instituted in 1989.


Research work by Indian nationals in international economics, trade,development and related financing (either awarded a doctorate or accepted for award of doctorate) from a university or an equivalent academic institution in India or abroad is a pre-requisite for eligibility of the Award. Issues of relevance to India / India Exim Bank such as those pertaining to foreign trade, foreign direct investments, joint ventures, international competitiveness, policies impacting trade and investment, monetary and fiscal interventions, among others, would be of particular interest. The Award would be given to a person eligible to receive an award in Indian Rupees. India Exim Bank will accept, as entry, those theses for which doctorate has been obtained/ accepted for award of doctorate between January 1, 2018 and October 31, 2022. Thesis can be submitted either in English or Hindi, and in the latter case must be accompanied by a translated version in English.

Guidelines for Application

  • Year

    Winner and Award Winning Thesis

  • 2021

    Dr. Kanika Pathania: Inverted Duty Structure and Effective Rate of Protection: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses

  • 2020

    Dr. Sanjana Goswami: Empirical Studies in International Trade

  • 2019

    Dr. Shoumitro Chatterjee: Essays in Trade and Development Economics

  • 2018

    Dr. Soumyatanu Mukherjee: Liberalisation, Wages and Sector Growth: General Equilibrium Analysis for India

  • 2017

    Dr. Amrita Saha: Essays in Indian Trade Policy

  • 2016

    Dr. Isha Chawla: The Internationalisation of Indian Firms through Outbound Foreign Direct Investment: Nature, Determinants and Developmental Consequences

  • 2015

    Dr. Chinmay Tumbe: Migration and Remittances in India

  • 2014

    Dr. V. Kalyan Shankar: Value Addition Chains and Trade in Manufactured Commodities in Southeast Asia

  • 2013

    Dr. Anwesha Aditya: Trade Liberalisation, Product Variety and Growth

  • 2012

    Dr. Harendra Kumar Behera: The Effects of Financial Openness: An Assessment of the Indian Experience

  • 2011

    Dr. Brijesh Pazhayathodi: Exports of Services and Offshore Outsourcing: An Empirical Investigation in the Indian Context.

  • 2010

    Dr. Narayan Chandra Pradhan– Openness and Growth of the Indian Economy: An Empirical Analysis

  • 2009

    Dr. Debasis Mondal – Innovation, Imitation and North South Trade: Economic Theory and Policy

  • 2008

    Dr. Ramaa Vasudevan - International Trade, Finance and Money: Essays in Uneven Development

  • 2007

    Dr. Arjun Jayadev -- Financial Liberalisation and its Distributional Consequences: An Empirical Exploration

  • 2006

    Dr. (Ms.) Monica Das -- Theory & Empirical Evidence on the Ecology versus Economy Debate: A Non-Parametric Estimation of the SURE Model and an Application to a General Equilibrium Model of Trade & Investment

  • 2005

    Dr. (Ms.) Rashmi Banga - The Nature, Pattern and Impact of Japanese and US Foreign Direct Investments in Indian Manufacturing

  • 2004

    Dr. (Ms.)Prachi Mishra - Essays on Globalization and Wages in Developing Countries

  • 2003

    Dr. Debkusum Das - Some Aspects of Productivity Growth and Trade in Indian Industry. Dr. C. Veeramani - Intra-Industry Trade under Economic Liberalisation: An Analysis of India Manufacturing Sector.

  • 2002

    Dr. Praveen Kumar - Increasing Wage Inequality - Role of Changing Trade, Technology and Factor Endowments. Dr. Brati Sankar Chakraborty - Essays on Trade in Goods and Factor Movements Under Increasing Returns to Scale

  • 2001

    Dr. Sajjid Chinoy - Currency Risk Premia and Unhedged, Foreign Currency Borrowing in Emerging Markets

  • 2000

    Dr. (Ms.) Sujata Verma -The Architecture of the International Capital Markets: Theory and Evidence Dr. Uday Bhanu Sinha - On Some Implications of Imperfect Market Structures: International Technology Transfer and Instability of Joint Ventures in Developing Economies

  • 1999

    Dr. (Ms.) Poonam Gupta - Essays in International Economics

  • 1998

    Dr. Avik Chakrabarti - Foreign Direct Investment and Host Country Interaction: A Strategic Approach. Dr. Arijit Mukherjee - International Joint Ventures and Technology Transfers in Developing Economies: Theoretical Analyses.

  • 1997

    Dr. Rajat Acharyya - Theoretical Aspects of Liberal Trade Policies in Transitional Economies: Exchange Rate, Competition and Exports.

  • 1996

    Dr. Avadhoot Nadkarni - India's Exchange Rate under the Basket Arrangement: An Exposition and Evaluation. Dr. Laveesh Bhandari - International Technology Transfer: Contracts, Learnings and Alliances.

  • 1995

    Dr. Aditya Bhattacharjea - Essays in Industrial Organisation and Strategic Trade Policy for Developing Countries.

  • 1994

    Dr. A. Prasad - External Debt of Developing Countries: A case study of India. Dr. (Mrs.) Ashwini Deshpande - Some Aspects of International Debt of Developing Countries.

  • 1993

    Dr. Mathew Joseph - Exchange Rates Regime of Less Developed Countries Dr. Tarun Kabiraj - Some Aspects of Technology Transfer: Theory and Policy

  • 1992

    Dr. Subhayu Bandopadhyay - Export Taxation in a Multicountry General Equilibrium Framework.

  • 1991

    Dr. (Ms.) Neelam Singh -Foreign Ownership, Size and Performance of a Firm: A Case Study of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • 1990

    Dr. Sebastian Morris - Foreign Direct Investments from India: 1964-83. Dr. Prabhirjit Sarkar - The Post War Terms of Trade Controversy: A Re-Examination.

  • 1989

    Dr. Nagesh Kumar - Foreign Controlled Enterprises in Indian Industry


The Award

The objective of the Award is to stimulate and encourage advanced doctoral research on Economics and related topics of contemporary relevance to the member nations of BRICS. The Award comprises prize money of Indian Rupees 1.5 million (approximately USD 20,000) sponsored by Exim Bank, a medal and a citation. Doctoral thesis of nationals of any of the five member nations of BRICS, i.e. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, who have been awarded a Doctorate or accepted for the Award of a Doctorate from any recognized nationally accredited University or academic institution globally, are eligible to participate and receive the Award.

  • Year

    Winner and Award Winning Thesis

  • 2022

    Dr. Apoorv Gupta: Essays on Finance and Development

  • 2021

    Dr. Rahul Singh: Essays in International Trade in Post Liberalization India

  • 2020

    Dr. Adam (Yao) Liu: Building Markets within Authoritarian Institutions: The Political Economy of Banking Development in China

  • 2019

    Dr. Tushar Bharati: Essays on Education and Institutions in Developing Countries

  • 2018

    Zheli He: Essays on International Trade, Welfare and Inequality

  • 2017

    Dr. Raquel Almeida Ramos: Financialization and its Implications on the Determination of Exchange Rates of Emerging Market Economies

  • 2016

    Dr. João Prates Romero: Technical Progress and Structural Change: The Roles of Demand and Supply in Economic Growth