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International Business Opportunities Seminar with the Asian Development Bank

Date: June 27, 2019

Venue: The Lalit Connaught Place, New Delhi

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), along with Export-Import Bank of India, is conducting International Business Opportunities Seminar (BOS) to disseminate information to Indian business community on business opportunities under ADB financed projects available within India and outside India.

Business Opportunities with ADB: ADB funds various projects in transport, energy, urban, agriculture and natural resources, and human development. ADB will also support flagship government projects such as solar parks and solar rooftops, energy efficiency using LED lighting, smart cities, metro lines, railway modernization, irrigation system expansion, economic corridors, and major ports. ADB funded projects both in India and other countries, offer many business opportunities for Indian business community. Government of India and ADB are keen to support participation of good quality contractors and consultants in ADB financed projects both within and outside India, to facilitate successful implementation of the projects.

Advantages of ADB-Funded Projects: Participation in ADB-funded projects offers various advantages like interest-free mobilization advances, transparent and fair procurement procedures, International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) conditions of contract, etc.

Objectives of the BOS: The seminar will focus on (i) access to ADB’s business opportunities through an online demonstration of ADB website; (ii) providing information on national and international business opportunities available under ADB funded projects; (iii) presentations by Government agencies implementing ADB funded projects on business opportunities available in their respective projects; and (iv) presentation of case studies on successful bidding. The seminar will also provide an opportunity for participants to make suggestions for improvement and raise individual queries to ADB’s procurement specialists.

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